Wristlet or Purse – Which Is More Practical?

Different types of bags are entering the market right now and all of which are created to answer the varied needs and wants of a women. If you are a type of person who carries whole lot of things when going to work or school, extra large handbags are there to suffice your needs. On the other hand if you want something that is stylish and medium sized, go purchase a tote bag to make things light and convenient. But for those who want super small bags larger than wallets, they have two strong contenders to choose from, wristlets and purse bags.

Purse bags are circulating in the market way back the early Victorian times as they are used by many royalties to put minute things like jewelries, lipsticks, mirrors and other small items. To this date, they are still very popular to trendy women as they use this bag to keep safe small items such as cellular phones, mirrors, compact make ups, cards and all others. Recently, a new style of bag is entering the world of fashion, they are called wristlets. Wristlets are smaller than handbags which make them quite similar to purse bags only they have wrist cuffs or straps that can be used to secure the bag on the hand of the carrier. Their main purpose is to make the bag always attached to the bearers’ body giving a more secure feeling that your bag will not be lost or misplaced.

However, these two practical bags are becoming so closely rivaled that choosing which amongst them is more practical and sensible to use is being placed in great question. If you’re one of those who are just so confused which bag to purchase, see this brief comparison below.

  1. Wristlets are more convenient and easy to use – unlike purse bags which don’t have straps or wrist cuffs, wristlets are indeed much more easy to use than the later one. They also come on various shapes and sizes to answer your varied needs and wants. Purse bags however are also small and handy but they lack on some factors like straps to make them well attached to the bearer’s hand. You can also choose a wristlet that entails different compartments to keep safe everything from your cellular phone down to your suitor’s calling card
  2. Wristlets are both fashionable and secured – one of the main reason why wristlets are far more sensible to use than purse bag is that they come of various straps and cuffs. If you want something that is trendy and fashionable, choose a wristlet that has a removable strap or adjustable wrist cuff. This is the main selling point of wristlets, you can hold or wear them by hand ensuring that the bag is always close to your body that it will not be lost or misplaced.
  3. Wristlets are lightweight and easy to clean – most wristlets are made from cotton materials that makes them easy to clean and very lightweight. Handmade wristlets are also becoming more and more popular due to their unmatched quality and supreme affordability. Handmade wristlets are so durable that they can be wash by hand or machine as they are made using high quality materials and strict human techniques.

It is very much obvious that wristlets entail tons of benefits and advantages than purse bags. However the choice is still yours and depending on your needs and wants, you can go more bold and classic through purse bags but if you want something that is modish and trendy go for wristlets. Wristlets can be tagged as the modern day version of purse bags making them beautiful, durable, secure and convenient.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon