When Is It Time To Replace Your Carpet?

Even if you choose to go through the trouble and expense of cleaning your carpet, stains may reappear or fibers may remain matted after cleaning. Follow these tips to help you decide when to replace or clean your carpet.

Examine closely to decide why you are unhappy with its appearance. Is it stained? Does the pile look crushed or matted? Is it more than a decade old?

After deciding what you do not like, look for your warranty or sales receipt. This will identify the material of the carpet fibers. You can also take a small sample to a flooring store, so a salesperson can identify the type of fibers.

If you have your original warranty, there is probably a list of stains that the warranty does not cover. If not, many warranties do not cover stains made by bleach, mustard, teas and certain medications. A carpet salesperson can also alert you about stains that are difficult to treat. If you do not know what substances are staining your carpet, you may want to replace it.

The fibers of your carpet and whether it has stain protector will also affect its resistance to stains and dirt. When you get new carpet, you can have Scotchguard applied to help resist stains, but it needs to be reapplied periodically for maximal effectiveness. You may have forgotten to reapply Scotchguard on your old carpet, so the carpet may not clean perfectly.

Sometimes carpet stains can become unsanitary or dangerous. You should replace carpet that has stains from vomit, blood, feces or toxic substances.

You should also assess the condition of the fibers. If your carpet is matted polyester, cleaning will not rejuvenate the fibers. If the carpet is nylon or nylon based, the condition of the tufts are likely to improve from cleaning.

Carpet which is threadbare in places, old or unevenly worn will not benefit from cleaning. However, if your carpeting is not visually worn, but does not lie properly, you can probably clean it and replace the padding.

After you have considered the condition of your carpet, you may wish to consider your lifestyle. Do you entertain frequently? Are there specific high traffic areas? Do you have pets that are likely to urinate or scratch new carpet? Are your children old enough to alert you if there are spills? These factors will help you decide whether to purchase new carpet or clean your existing carpet.

Replacing your carpet can be money well spent if your carpeting cannot be cleaned effectively, is worn or its appearance is bothering you. New carpet provides the perfect backdrop to make the whole room seem fresh. Sometimes cleaning your carpet can improve the way it looks. Nevertheless, even if your carpet does clean well, you may need multiple cleanings over time, and these can become costly. Additionally many carpet stores offer payment plans or no interest options, so you can enjoy new carpet comfortably. Replacing your carpet can help you enjoy the interior appearance of your home.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon