What Constitutes Funky Clothing?

‘Modern, stylish and altogether unconventional’ is the standard definition attributed to ‘Funky Clothing’. I suppose that really means original! I’m not quite sure about ‘Modern’ because I’ve also seen many references to ‘Vintage and Funky’ when the term ‘Funky Clothing’ is being discussed.

Maybe by ‘Modern’ they mean a modern variation, and not necessarily new clothes. Anyhow ‘Funky Clothing’ is now a firmly established style all of its own, and as a style, it’s best carried off with more than a pinch of self confidence, not least because of the unconventional approach the wearer brings to the ensemble.

Take any variation of a conventional wardrobe, whether vintage or new, colourful or subdued, mix them up and you’ve got your own unique outfit, totally unlike anything you’ll see on the high street. Couple your unique outfit with a small amount of self confidence and you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads.

Of the many different styles of clothing on sale today, there are all too many retailers wanting to hijack the ‘Funky Clothing’ label to their own ends, when in reality, funky and quirky clothing styles are often brand free. It’s the unique combinations that you and I choose that determine the whole funky clothing movement.

The true hallmark of funky clothing for men or women is not in the clothes alone, it is as much the attitude with which they are worn. Be careful though, having an eye for design and style goes a long way when choosing your look. Simply throwing together a mish mash of vintage, retro or modern with any old group of colours, loud or otherwise, could well result in something that resembles an explosion in a paint factory.

Choose your look wisely and with an eye for style and you won’t go far wrong.

Either way, whatever you choose to wear, wear them with style, wear them with attitude, just just put your best foot forward and make sure you wear em at all.

Happy Shopping

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon