Wedding Favors – Truffle Or Tulip Wedding Favor?

A common practice among various cultures around the world today is giving away favors or little gifts to guests at a wedding. This custom actually came from the belief or superstition that a couple would be able to share their good fortune to guests via the small gifts.

In Europe’s past, couples gave away almonds coated in sugar. These gifts were meant to signify the bitterness of one’s farewell to youth and the sweetness of one’s unity with a beloved.

Today, of course, edible presents usually come in the form of chocolate truffles. As you may realize, chocolate has long been held to be the food of the gods, inducing a sense of euphoria in people. Truffle wedding favors would be akin to sharing the couple’s happiness to their guests.

Truffle could also be used to signify the sweetness and lushness of the love of newlyweds. Chocolate truffle wedding favors just speak of luxury at its peak.

Another popular idea is to give away tulips as gifts. The red tulip is actually a popular option, as it symbolizes nothing but the perfect love. Tulip wedding favors therefore attempt to convey a couple’s perception of perfect love to the wedding guests.

One popular method of using tulip gifts is to distribute them among guests as potted plants. This sort of gives guests a responsibility of helping the couple keep their perfect love intact and growing. This is also a pretty good idea if you are planning a garden wedding.

Of course, one could just give away the blossoms or perhaps a tulip that’s crafted using various materials, carrying the symbolism of the tulip, but not the cost.

Picking from different types of wedding favors can be a bit of a hassle, especially since you have a lot of things to think about. However, what you should do is make the gifts as meaningful as possible. Getting expensive favors is good and all, but you really should make the wedding favors all about the wedding and the couple. Whether you are getting truffle or tulips , you have to make sure that those little gifts remind guests of your love and appreciation.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon