Top 10 Natural Wonders Of The World

There are so many natural wonders of the world and, naming them in order is usually a challenge since every person has a unique way of defining them. Most of these wonders are located on the most remote parts of the world and are very hard to reach.

1. One of the top ten of these beautiful places is Mount Everest. This is the highest mountain on earth which is 8,848 meters high. Located on the order between Nepal and Tibet, this mountain attracts climbers of all ages. Not many people are able to reach the peak due to risks such as altitude, sickness, wind and weather. As a result, some climbers have lost their lives.

2. The Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is famous for high concentration of caves. Watching millions of bats as they enter and leave the caves is a memorable experience. The Sarawak chamber in Gua Nasib Bagus is the largest known natural room on earth. this chamber is about 700m long, 396m wide and 70m high. Other large caves include Wind Cave, Benarat Cavern and Clearwater Cave. These caves also contain the largest underground river systems on earth.

3. Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest on earth. The lowest temperature recorded here was -87 degrees Celsius and, although 98 percent of the continent is covered with ice, this is the largest desert on earth. There is no human population in this continent and, the continent is not governed by any country. The only living organism here are cold adapted animals and plants. Sea life include penguins, blue whales, seals and Orcas.

4. It is amazing to see the Amazon river in South America. Although it is the second longest river in the world, the amazon river has also the largest drainage basin. This great river measures between 100-200 kilometers wide and, there is no bridge because most of river floods through the amazon forest.

5. The Niagara falls, which is located in the border between the United States and Canada is another great natural wonder of the world. Niagara falls has three waterfalls namely; Horse Shoe Falls, American Falls and Bridai Veils Falls. Visitors can view the falls from Canada and America. Visitors are guaranteed a perfect view of the falls from both countries. The falls attracts over 6 million tourists each year. Summer is the best time to view them.

6. The Galapagos Islands located west of Ecuador consists of 13 Islands. The main attractions in these islands are the unique and fearless wildlife. The most animals commonly seen include; giant tortoise, giant lions, whales, penguins and different bird species. The main activities here are watching the wildlife, snorkeling, diving and mountain climbing.

7. The Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya annual wildebeest migration is one of the largest mass movement of land mammals on earth. This consists of over 1.5 million wild animals, which include the zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, antelope, leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena among many other wildlife. This natural wonder of the world is one of the greatest spectacle in Africa.

8. Victoria falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are the longest in the world. They are 1708 meters wide with a height of 108 meters. The falling of water is about 1,088 cubic meters per second. The foot of the falls is clear during the dry season. You can hear the thunder miles away.

9. The Sahara desert located in Africa is the largest hot desert in the world. The desert consists of large sand dunes and large hard rocky plateaus. Sahara desert can stay without rain for years. In one year, the desert receives a rainfall of less than three inches.

10. The Grand Canyon in the USA is another beautiful natural wonder of the world. The great canyon was curved by Colorado river millions of years ago. The canyon, which is about 1,500m deep passes through an arid desert, which is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon