The Somnus Mattress Buying Guide

Somnus has been in the bed and mattress making business since 1840. The Somnus Mattress collection is popular for its pure luxury; quality and one of a kind sleep system. Their 10 luxury mattresses consist of the highest and best natural fillings which are carefully selected to produce only the finest in the industry. Somnus Mattress prices are the best value for the money and worth paying for considering the work, material and time that goes into the production of every single mattress.

The Somnus Mattress collection has 10 models, namely:

Ambassador – the Ambassador comes with 16,000 individual pocket springs with 4 rows of side-stitched borders. It has a blend of natural fillings of Egyptian cotton, eco wool, horse hair, silk and cashmere.

Imperial – the Imperial consists of 14,000 unique springs and 4 rows of side stitched borders. The inside fillings of the mattress contains a mixture Egyptian cotton, Yorkshire dale eco wool, hand teased horse hair, silk and mohair.

Legend – the Legend has four rows of stitched border with a total 12,000 spring units. It natural fillings are the same as the Imperial and provides optimum support and comfort.

Viscount – the Viscount comes with a similar mattress filling as the Legend. It has an enhanced 10,000-spring system with stitched edges for additional support.

Marquis – the Marquis has a combination of soft cotton, mohair, horsehair and natural wool fillings. The spring system is made up of 8,000 pocket springs and side-stitched edges.

Countess – this mattress contains 6,000 technically superior spring units with 3 rows of side-stitched edges. A blend of Hemptex fibre, cotton, soft eco wool, mohair and horse hair fillings.

Ortho Care Royal – this superior mattress has a spring count of 5,500 and 3 lines of stitched side of edge-to-edge support. It also has a combination of fillings from cotton to talalay latex.

Jewel – the Jewel has 5,000 Sensa pocket plus springs with British wool, hemptex fibre and natural horsehair.

Regent – the Regent has 2 rows of side-stitched borders with 4,000 springs. It is filled with a blend of British wool and hemptex fibre.

Viceroy – the Viceroy has 3,000 springs with border support.

Bed size

Single – 75 cm and 90 cm x 190 cm

Double – 120 cm and 135 cm x 190 cm

King-size – 150 cm x 200 cm

Zip and Link – 150 cm x 200 cm

Zip and Link – 180 cm x 200 cm

Somnus offers facilities such as custom making nonstandard bed sizes according to individual specifications upon request.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon