Skateboarding – How to Do a 360 Flip

This is pretty much my favorite skateboarding trick. The 360 flip combines a 360 shove it with a regular kick flip into one of the coolest looking tricks in the skate boarders arsenal. Be sure to have 360 shove its, ollies and kick flips down before attempting the big 360 flip. Follow my few simple tips and you should be pulling these off in no time.

It’s All In The Back Foot…well not totally but a large part of pulling this trick off with good style depends how you paying attention to a few things with the back foot. So, keep your toe slightly hanging off the tail of your board…not too much but about 1/3 of the way off. Begin by scooping the board with your foot like you would with a 360 shove and really focus your mind on your back foot scooping it around in an almost over rotation. In other words really scoop it hard.

BIG Kick – When I do this trick I almost think of doing a jump kick. You really need to jump high and kick your foot out while scooping with the back one. Have your toe pointing a little more straight forward then you would with a kick flip. Now you don’t need to kick it like crazy…but you will need a solid flip to make it all work together.

All Done Well…almost Ha Ha. Now you just need to land it *GULP* Yeah, the hard part. This will take practice and good timing. Try to catch your board in the air with your front foot first. Don’t lean to far forward try and stay over top of the board as much as possible. I would also advise you try the trick with a little speed. It might seem easier to do it stationary but trust me, speed is better with all tricks and you will learn it much faster.

Use these tips with regular practice and you will have the 360 flip down in no time.

I hope this info help and good luck!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon