Simple Yet Effective Ways to Motivate Learners Attend Virtual Flag Raising Ceremony

Every Monday of the week, learners are encouraged to attend virtual flag raising ceremony, not only because of a curriculum requirement but also an exercise in honing patriotism among our young learners.

Here are some simple yet meaningful, or effective ways to encouraging learners attend such and learn the basic thing about having respect for our flag and the duty preserving our nationalism.

1. Early Birds — they must be recognized for joining in early while the rest was still groping their way to their lappie or what-not. Getting them out of bed, making them wear their best clothes or uniform, and participating actively is a big challenge for kids. And, recognizing their effort and all must be part of appreciating them as great learners in this New Normal set up.

2. Most Attentive — yes, there are those who are all-ears and could really give the answers, right away, to questions thrown their way. Praising them for being such could really motivate others to do same. Then, all of them has the skills in listening, speaking, reading and collaborating with co-learners.

3. Good Deeds — simple act of kindness could be a great springboard to welcome them in your session. A short narrative of ordinary people in the community who did something extraordinary like the boy who found something and returned it to the owner, the garbage truck going around to gather our daily plastic hoards, a story of good samaritan, among other stories of great values to our learners.

4. Hosting — giving them a chance to facilitate the activity could really be a means to developing their confidence to become technology adept learner, and the experience could be ecstatic to them. Yes, relegating the task to them would be a good idea on teaching them how to become responsible and creative enough handling the activity– with ease and fun.

5. Showcasing their home and family — while hosting said activity a learner could also share some tidbits of information about their family members, their artistic decor, or any object in their house which could be a conversation piece. Yes, opportunities are endless on how they could be confident and sympathetic on their co-learners learning journey and all.

There you have some great ideas for hosting flag raising ceremony among learners. Not only they would be developing their nationalism or patriotic attitude but also showcasing their technical and facilitating skills which could be their assets for higher level of learning in the coming years.

Let us all celebrate new discoveries everyday, and share them to others who could be on the look out for more fun and meaningful ideas while learning in the New Normal set up.


Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon