Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kindergartners and summer camps. You can easily create a list of tasks to complete, assign point values to each, and embark on your mission to reign supreme as The Most Awesome Scavenger Hunter ever! Plus, in this game, you get to flesh out some sexy fantasy or treat as a prize.

Communication is key in all relationships and sexy games are no exception. You and your partner should discuss your limits and reservations before starting. Once you’ve got an understanding of what each other is willing to do comfortably, you can each write down a sexual fantasy or favor (or two or three) that you’d like to enact with your partner. Suggestions could be, a romantic evening complete with bubble bath, full-body massage, and “first to come, last to serve” privileges, a night of watching television while your girlfriend/wife sits naked on your lap feeding you snack foods, or even something as simple as a blow job or make-out session.

Once you’ve got that decided, come up with a list of tasks (15 to 25 is good) and assign them point values. In my suggestions below, I’ve assumed that both partners have camera phones because this is how I’d play the game, since I like photographic evidence. If you don’t have a camera phone, you could always create new tasks that don’t require evidence or skip them entirely.

Each partner must collect all of their pieces or complete all of their tasks in one day. Start around 8am and the race is over at 9pm. You can adjust the times for your schedules. And get a babysitter – this is time for you two as a couple.

Those with an asterisk (*) require a picture as evidence.

Leave a love note in a place your partner will find it – 100 points for found note

Get a purple sex toy – anything you or your partner might want: vibrator, feathers, handcuffs, etc. – 200 points

Get a bottle of your partner’s favorite adult beverage (if they don’t drink, just substitute for their favorite beverage) – 100 points

Get a pair of your partner’s underwear and have a stranger put them on their head.* – 400 points

Send your partner a picture of your naughty bits while in a public place: work, grocery store, etc. – 100 points

Write down your partner’s favorite sex position – 100 points for correct answer

Get a menu/napkin/matchbook, etc. from the first restaurant the two of you went to – 200 points

Picture of you on your desk or in your work area* – 10 pts – clothed, 100 pts – naughty bits exposed, 200 pts -aked!

Picture of you on your boss’s desk or work area* – 25 pts – clothed, 250 pts – naughty bits exposed, 500 pts – naked!

These are just a few. You and your partner should come up with ideas that are specific and meaningful to you. At the end of the day, compare tasks, evaluate the evidence, and the partner with the most points gets their sexual fantasy or sexy favor!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon