Sensual Seductions – How to Make Her Panties Wet Way Before Taking Them Off

Guys, there are certain things you can do to get a woman so excited that she is soak and wet before you even began to start taking her clothes off! We call these Sensual Seductions! If you haven’t mastered the art of Sensual Seductions, you are missing out on a major part of setting a woman up for heightened sexual tension, which will lead to intense sexual chemistry, irresistible animal attraction and earth shattering female orgasms.

But, instead of Sensual Seductions, this happens all of time; guy meets girl, they talk, go out on a few dates and have a GREAT time and then, seemingly out of nowhere, she drops the “F-Bomb” on him! That’s right, the, “Let’s be Friends” bomb! At that point, most guys are perplexed and immensely dejected. Their feelings can only be described the way the Arizona Cardinals and the New England Patriots felt when they lost the Superbowl. Think about it; you manned up and approached and we applaud you for that. Then you made your move and asked her out. Again we applaud you for that. While on these dates, you didn’t show her a good time… you showed her a G-R-EA-T time! Hooking up with you should have been a no-brainer! Right?

So what was the problem? This is the question thousands of guys ask literally everyday, right after they get the F-Bomb dropped on them. And the answer is; she didn’t feel, sense or detect any sexual chemistry! Guys, hear me on this… you don’t create sexual chemistry by being a NICE GUY. I don’t care if the both of you attend a Bible Seminary in the northern mountains of Utah. If she doesn’t feel, sense or detect any sexual chemistry between the two of you, she is going to drop you like a worn tire! Period and end of story!

How does a guy create sexual chemistry? You create sexual chemistry by being “BAD!” BAD is the acronym for: By Always Delivering. And what are you always delivering? Sensual Seductions! From the moment you meet a woman, you start delivering sensual seductions and you NEVER stop! Of course, your timing has to be right but you should always be delivering sensual seductions because they are what ignite sexual chemistry.

The average guy is convinced that in order to create sexual tension, get a girl hot and bothered, excited, or turned on sexually, they need to be kissing her on the mouth, have their hands in her panties or otherwise be engaging in sexual relations with her. Nothing is further from the truth! As a matter of fact that type of thinking will more than likely get you banned from the candy store before you ever get a chance to enter.

Guys, you need to realize; there are certain things women love and crave that you, as a man cannot overlook or ignore unless you are trying to go back to prehistoric Caveman days.

Women crave sexual chemistry

Women love being sexually ignited by a man

Women love being pursued by a man

Women love being made to feel attractive by a man

Women love being seduced by a man

Women loved being teased by a man

Women love to be romanced by a man

By Always Delivering the things that she loves and craves, you’ll make her panties wet way before you start taking them off!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon