Sample Of Maid Of Honor Speech

Congratulations on being chosen as the bridesmaid, this is truly an honor. As you likely know already, probably the major duty of a maid of honor is making the speech prior to the toast. Now don’t despair. Below are some tips to help you, plus a sample maid of honor speech which can give you some ideas.

8 Tips For A successful Maid Of Honor Speech

  • Begin your speech with a small reminiscence of your earlier memories of the bride or perhaps the bridal couple if you have known them for some time. Be brief, tasteful and don’t embarrass the bride. This will set the tone for your speech.
  • You will be nervous so take deep breaths and smile at the guests. And keep frequent eye contact.
  • Keep your speech pleasant and light for your audience.
  • Introduce encouraging thoughts and ideas for the new couple’s married life.
  • Rehearse in front of a mirror, speaking your words out loud. This will reduce your nervousness on the day. Use note cards as reminders.
  • Don’t forget to be complimentary to the groom. The best man will compliment the bride so you return the favour by complimenting the groom. Welcome him into the family of your close friend.
  • Keep you speech friendly with no debatable subjects —sex and politics are to be excluded.
  • Be aware of your audience and keep the tone of your speech at a level which should be acceptable to all of them.
  • Apply the KISS principle and keep your speech simple with no rambling. Around 2 minutes is a good length.
  • Do not get too merry before your speech—just a glass of wine to relax you is fine.
  • Finally, make sure to thank the bride for welcoming you to be her bridesmaid. And as a final point, do not forget the toast! Lift your glass up to the couple and please remember to take a sip when you’re done

Sample Speech

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jean and I am Mary’s Maid of Honor. Welcome to you all, and I thank you for joining us on this brilliant occasion: the wedding of my very dear friend Mary. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend as Mary. From the time we met at University, it seemed as though we were bound to have a close friendship. I was delighted when Mary asked me to become her Maid of Honor. This is my very first time; and I felt really privileged to be given such an honor. So if I’m some what nervous, please make allowances.

Since I haven’t been a Maid of Honor before, I was not very sure what I should do. So, I referred to a Maid of Honor guidebook.

This guidebook said that my primary duty was to keep away all of Mary’s Ex boyfriends: I couldn’t think of anything better than to make them sit and watch the movie ‘Runaway Bride’!

According to the book my second duty was to deliver the bride to church on time and in a sober condition! I think you will all agree that I have achieved that too. (Laughter)

My third duty is of course to deliver the maid of honor speech

I was thinking of giving Mary some advice for the years to come. This is not necessarily from my own experience, but it is something that I came across in my reading. So Mary listen closely. It goes like this: “A good wife must always get dinner ready before her husband comes back from his work. She should listen to his problems patiently and quietly without loading him with her own problems as that would stress him even more.”

I believe the book was written many years ago and I am not sure I could see Mary being as meek and mild as that!

Jim, Mary is a wonderful person, and I am sure you will be very happy together.

Here is a helpful tip for a peaceful household.

‘When you are mistaken, confess it. When you are right, just keep quiet!!!’

Now I ask you all to stand and drink a toast to the happy couple:

“May your joy be full, your marriage successful and long, and your wedding speeches better than mine!”


I wish you a happy-wedding as well as the perfect maid of honor speech!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon