Revealing the History of Kantha

Right now, Kantha embroidery get the job done has turn out to be the fashion label in the Indo-Western earth. Allows come across out the intriguing background of this distinctive art variety that remained in mystery until finally it was revived.

Indian textiles have the lengthy and vast heritage. The textiles with their signature embroideries explicit them selves in the present day planet of today’s vogue. Trend designers have named this nine yard mystique a ‘Renaissance of style’.

Saris were being initial originated in India. Some of its finest illustrations can be traced from the sculptures relationship back to the 100 BC. Saris are mainly unstitched size of cloth measuring 42- 19” huge and 5.5 to 9 yards which ended up previously spun in textile equipment that have right now turn into the bequest of our times as hand loom saris.

Kantha is a art variety that belongs significantly to West Bengal. Earlier the Kantha saris had been ordinarily drape by the females of West Bengal as to secure by themselves from the chilly.

Kantha perform involve sophisticated inventive function performed by the weavers with the blend of beautiful embroidery in ornamental functioning sew. The standard get the job done on the Kantha saris in the form of floral motifs, animals and birds figures and geometric shapes appears to be like surprisingly fabulous.

Renowned fashion designers in India performing on western models and fashions, continue to make good use of the ethnic traditions and their models frequently depict the wealthy embroidery operate of the previously craftsmen, celebrating Indian textile tradition.

There are seven various sorts of Kantha. To start with is the ‘Archilata Kantha’ that involves the fantastic mirror do the job with the vast, ornamental borders. The second a person is the ‘Baiton Kantha’, that are square wraps made use of for masking the guides and valuables. The most well-known is the ‘Lep Kantha’ which are rectangular wraps, used to address the quilts. Then there is ‘Oaar Kantha’, discovered in the pillow addresses in basic models on which a ornamental border is basically sewn afterwards.

Not much less aggressive is the ‘Sujani Kantha’, the quilted Kantha used as blankets on the specific situations. Last but not the least is the ‘Rumal Kantha’ that are employed as the rubefacient wipes or plate coverings

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon