Recovering From Breast Augmentation

A lot of women choosing to undergo a breast augmentation get so caught up in the idea of the procedure itself that they often forget that the surgery is only part of the treatment. Once the operation is over, there are several weeks following where great care has to be taken to ensure optimal recovery and the appropriate effect.

While it’s safe to begin working again after around seven days following your surgery, your recovery isn’t complete. During the first week, you’ll need to take care not to disturb any stitches and dressings that are on or around the breast area. You will also be wearing a support bra that you should not remove. After seven days, the stitches and dressing are removed and you can begin recovery on your own. While you may return to work if your job is non-strenuous, you shouldn’t expect your breasts to feel normal yet: this can take many weeks. It will help to continue wearing the support bra while you get used to your new body.

To begin with, your newly enlarged breasts may feel firm and tender to the touch. This sensation can last for a few weeks, so don’t worry if your breasts don’t feel very natural at the start. However, with time they will settle and adapt to your body, adopting a more natural position on your chest and becoming more flesh like to the touch. It is a long and slow process, so don’t feel discouraged if your breasts do not look quite as perfect as you’d hoped right away: it will come.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries in the world and with good reason. Many women experience several psychological problems due to the size of their breasts and elect to undergo surgery as a way of boosting their confidence and making them feel far more feminine, sexy and happy with their bodies. While it’s something that shouldn’t be entered into lightly, breast augmentation – and other types of cosmetic surgery – is becoming more and more the norm for individuals who are unhappy with the way they look. Just make sure you research treatment before hand and always choose a reputable surgeon to perform your treatment so you can go into surgery with trust. Then you can look forward to a brighter, shapelier you that exudes confidence, sexiness and a happiness you’ve never been able to experience before.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon