Pro Tips for Styling Your Floral Arrangements

The flower arrangements that are featured in your wedding can make a huge difference in the entire look and feel of your venue. If you want to have the best possible floral arrangements on your big day, then it’s a good idea to have a professional working with you. This can be majorly beneficial if you have a budget that you want to stick to, as professionals will be able to find flowers that bring your vision to life.

There are even some florists that provide fresh wedding flowers to Sunshine Coast residents so that they can make their very own flower arrangements. Whatever route you decide to take, you should consider these pro tips for styling floral arrangements for your wedding day.

Less Often Equals More

This is one mantra that you should definitely consider when it comes to picking out floral arrangements for your wedding day. A display that’s very large and intricate can look stunning, but without the right touch it can be overwhelming. When putting together large arrangements, remember that sometimes doing a bit less can lead to a more beautiful and flowing arrangement.

Go Seasonal

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to wedding flowers for Sunshine Coast celebrations is to get seasonal flowers. Flowers that are in season will last longer due to their hardiness, are readily available, and come in numerous varieties so you can pick and choose your favourites. Blooms that are in season are also frequently sourced locally which not only supports local small businesses, it reinforces the time and place of the event – particularly effective for destination weddings.

Choose a Focal Point

Every single one of the flower arrangements in your wedding should have a focal point of some kind. You may want to go big with flowers, but just having one focal points and then using other flowers or visual elements to accent is focal point will give you a much cleaner arrangement. Larger arrangements often have numerous layers to them, but even so you can make the most out of a single focal point in your arrangement.

Make a Statement

You don’t have to look too far when it comes to making a statement with your floral arrangements. You could even use flowers and green elements from your own personal garden to make a big statement. Options like succulents, lavender, and thyme are readily available and also add a beautiful green element to flower arrangements. You can also use fresh parsley or oregano to create trailing vines that look amazing in arrangements. In short, even components that may appear underwhelming on their own can look amazing when combined in the right arrangement.

You may not realise it at first, but there’s a lot that goes into creating for arrangements for weddings. Because you want your wedding to look the best it can, it’s important to remember these professional tips when you want the most beautiful floral arrangements possible.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon