Myths and Points About the Singer Featherweight Stitching Equipment

The Singer Featherweight stitching equipment was obtainable for sale concerning 1933 and 1964. It has immediately develop into a single of the most common sewing machines in the earth. The reputation of these stitching equipment has assisted uncover a wealth of data concerning its a lot of variations and generation background. Lots of of all those who have utilised this equipment are now Singer Featherweight collectors.

This sewing equipment is surrounded by myths. Although several persons believe that the Singer Featherweight was obtainable in all hues, the reality is that this equipment was only made in beige/tan, white/environmentally friendly, and black colour. There have been no blue, purple, or yellow machines. Most collectors have repainted their equipment and added new decals. A confined quantity of devices had a removable mattress extension for no cost-arm stitching.

If you search for information about the Singer Featherweight on the Online, you will see that lots of users and collectors are trying to determine the production day of their equipment. The truth of the matter is that it’s not feasible to precisely point out the calendar year of production for your stitching equipment, but only the date on which substantial batches of serial quantities ended up unveiled to diverse factories. These equipment have been created in big quantities at Kilbowie, Scotland and Elizabethport, New Jersey. There had been additional than 1,055,326 Featherweight machines manufactured among 1848 and 1959.

The well known 222 Freearm was not offered for sale in the United States. The firm believed that this model would be far too high-priced to have a all set market place. A different fantasy states that the fabric belt on white/environmentally friendly equipment breaks at some level. The truth is that this piece can make it for a lighter and quieter machine. Quite a few men and women continue to imagine that there were noteworthy distinctions involving the Singer Featherweight sewing equipment based on the manufacturing facility wherever they had been manufactured. In point there was no diverse in high-quality in between factories. Both of those amenities used identical devices for manufacture.

There are a lot of resources of information and facts about Singer Featherweight sewing equipment on the World-wide-web. Textbooks have been published about this little however effective machine. An incredible sum of record has developed up close to Featherweights, so it critical to independent fact from myth. Even however most end users claim that this device is very transportable, it is actually a total sized, durable machine that desires upkeep to carry out its greatest. Maintain it nicely and it will hold sewing. Despite the fact that it only does a straight sew, the Featherweight does come with a large range of capabilities and ornamental add-ons.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon