Lady Gaga & Beyonce Heels – Ballet Heels From Fetish to Mainstream

Ballet heels hit the fashion and fetish scenes thanks to a push from celebrities and designers alike

Thanks to celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, there is a big demand for ballet heels.

Meg White dusted off this trend in the White Stripes video “Blue Orchid,” followed by Pink in her video “U & Ur Hand.” Christina Aguilera and Rihanna both also wore them briefly in their videos for “Hurt” and “Umbrella.”

However Beyonce broke all the barriers when she & her backup dancers, sported the fetish shoes in her “Green Light” video. Lady Gaga not to be outdone is also seen posing in a leather cat suit with these sky-high concoctions.

Ballet heels have even made their debut on the runway recently; Alexander McQueen included the 10 inch tall Armadillo shoe in his Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shoe. The trend has begun to run wild thanks to these appearances.

Even though they have made a big push with celebrities and in the underground fetish scene, these fetish shoes are nothing new. They have been around since 1896 when they were hand crafted in Europe. Another common predecessor to ballet boots is the Viennese fetish boot which came about around 1900. These boots sported a dramatic 11-inch heel. It was impossible to stand or walk in these boots as the heel was actually longer than the sole of the shoe.

This contemporary style of fetish shoes is designed in order to force your foot stay en pointe, just like a ballerina. Ballet heels are the perfect combination of the pointe shoe and the highest, skinniest heel imaginable. The wearer is forced to stand with all of their weight on the tips of their toes with the help of the high heel. They are usually laced up in order to make them as tight as possible. This allows the foot to be kept in the shoe bed more easily.

These sexy little numbers are not for everyday wear as the foot is almost made to stand parallel to the ground; if these shoes were worn for over a period of time they would cause your foot to cramp. These shoes, rather, should be saved for erogenous appeal.

If you want to please someone’s sexual desires, there are plenty of ways to do it with these sky high numbers which ooze sex appeal. They can be found in just about every form imaginable ranging from Mary Jane’s to over the knee boots. Check out the selections available and let your cravings go wild.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon