Knitted Cupcake Egg Cosy – Knitting Pattern

The young children look to enjoy lifting an egg cosy to uncover a difficult-boiled egg beneath. I utilized a fluffy “sugar wisp” wool in the product and brown cosy and my daughter refers to it as “the wild one”.

This is just a pleasurable little knitting workout that only normally takes minutes to make.

St(s) = stitches
K = knit
P = purl
Inc = maximize knit (or purl) two times into stitch
K2tog (or p2tog) = get the job done future two sts with each other

You will require:

Scraps of wool in two colors (for base and cake)for cupcake and crimson if you desire to insert a cherry on leading!

4mm knitting needles

Beads (if wanted)

Cast on 24 stitches with 4mm needles in base color.

Row 1-6: *K1, P1*, repeat from * to *.

Change to cake color.

Row 7-16: Continue in stocking stitch.

Row 17: *K1, K2 tog* till finish (16 sts)

Row 18: Purl

Row 19: K2 with each other until finally conclude (8 sts)

Crack yarn and thread via remaining stitches pulling tightly.

Sew up aspect of cosy and connect cherry on major. Decorate with beads if sought after.

Cherry Solid on 6 stitches. Knit six rows stocking sew.

Cast off.

Sew jogging stitch all-around outside edges and acquire tightly.

This pattern takes advantage of leftover scraps of wool and is pleasurable to make. You can make a established of egg cosies with the identical colour combination or you can make a different 1 for each member of the family. The youngsters commonly like picking their colors and their beads. We now have a collection of egg cosies and the little ones pick out according to their moods on the working day. Can make for a enjoyment breakfast!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon