How to Make Roman Shades

Roman shades are a simple and classy window treatment method to block the sunshine or prying neighbors. Nicer than plain plastic shades, but considerably less high priced than ornate window shades, Roman shades present the excellent start out to a starting property decorator.

Roman shades can be procured from house advancement or section retailers, or they can be tailor made designed by in interior designer. The least expensive way to embellish your household with Roman shades is to make them your self. Get completely ready to refresh your math expertise!

To make Roman shades, 1st evaluate the window you would like to put them in. Measure the height and width of the window from inside of its frame. Or, if you want the shade to deal with far more than the window, measure the peak and width of the area the shade will deal with. Your shade will probably need to have to be concerning 45 and 54 inches vast.

Prior to you store for your fabric, you are going to have to have to determine the number of dowels and the amount of material you can expect to have to have. To figure out how several dowels you will have to have, divide the window height by 6 to 9 inches, which will be the house between just about every dowel fold. You can expect to require to locate a amount that goes evenly into your window peak. For instance, if your window top is 64 inches, divide by six. You are going to then will need 8 dowels for 8 pleats. Every dowel desires 1.5 inches, so multiplied by 8, you can expect to need to have an more 12 inches of material. You’ll also will need an additional 6 inches of cloth to mount the shade, meaning you’ll need to have 18 extra inches for this instance. Insert this to your window peak to get your ultimate height. Incorporate two inches of material to your window width. Now you have the measurement of the fabric you have to have. Whew!

Upcoming, the entertaining element: picking out the fabric of your shade. Shades without having hectic styles are the simplest to operate with because you would not require to make confident the pattern blends seamlessly with every fold. If your window receives southern gentle, think about picking a near-shear material. This will produce a warm, comforting mild in your space. Acquire a photo or your area, material swatches of your furniture, and a paint sample of your room when you store. You will not want to end making your Roman shade to discover it clashes with the relaxation of your room!

Whilst you are out buying your material, acquire the rest of your materials:

Material-lining fabric. You’ll need to have an further .25 inches to cover the mounting board.

Blind wire

Window cleat

Quarter-inch diameter window dowels, .25 inches scaled-down than the window width

A wood mounting board, .25 inches scaled-down than the window width which is 1×2 inches.

Fifty percent-inch diameter shade rings

Screw eyes

Staple gun

Chalk or air-soluble marker


The best way to make a shade makes use of lots of photographs and number of words. Discover instructions at a household advancement retail store or for absolutely free on the internet to make your own Roman shade. Discover patterns that make the kind of Roman shade you want, whether or not it is flat, pleated, or with a sunburst. You will likely need to have a stitching device to make the Roman shade immediately, specially to connect the lining to the cloth. With persistence you can make your very own Roman shade.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon