How to Clean Your Pewter Belt Buckle

Pewter is easy to care for and, although it does not require the extensive care and regular polishing as does silver, it does need occasional cleaning.

Pewter is considered to be the world’s fourth most precious metal, after platinum, gold and silver. Its prized value is determined by its unique characteristics. Being lead-free, modern pewter is resistant to rust, tarnish or deterioration in any way, allowing it to withstand time while maintaining its distinctive appearance. These qualities make it specially appreciated and highly collectible. It is, therefore, important to care for your pewter belt buckles correctly.

Over time pewter may oxidize and take on a grayish color or “patina”. It is questionable as to whether this should be cleaned off or removed since doing so may detract from its value. Nevertheless, care should be taken to keep pewter clean and shiny to maintain its distinctive look and to retain its fine quality. These measures will help ensure its collectibility.

* Simply dust with a soft cloth.
* Hand-wash pewter in warm water using a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
* Some folks insist that the best cleaner for pewter is cabbage leaves. Simply peel and use them as scrubbers.
* You can use a commercial ‘pewter’ cleaner. Follow the directions precisely.
* Do not use ‘Silver’ or ‘Brass’ polish.
* Never put pewter in the dishwasher. The detergent and heat may be harmful to the finish.
* Do not use an abrasive cleaner on pewter. This may cause permanent damage.
* Do not over-clean antique pewter. The patina may actually enhance its value!
* Do not over-clean any pewter. It is not meant to look like silver!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon