Essential Running Gear You Need To Know About

1. Running Shoes

You cannot simply get some fancy sneakers and declare them to be your running shoes; there are some very important considerations to make when choosing these shoes. For starters, you need to be aware of the weight of the shoes you are comfortable with. Most of the times, lighter weights are preferred, but there is a range in the light series as well.

Moving on, you need to consider the durability of the shoes along with how hot it gets inside when you wear it. If it is very heavily covered allowing no pores for air to enter, then it will turn out to be very problematic after the very first half hour or so.

2. Appropriate Clothes

You might have the best cotton t-shirt ever which you feel is the best for running, but on your very first run you will realize that there are some specific qualities needed in the clothes. The t-shirt should not be baggy so that the air friction does not make you exert more energy than you should to run the same lap. The same goes for the shorts/trousers you choose.

In addition, you need to check the quality of the sports t-shirt/bra that you choose and make sure that it allows sufficient aerial passage. You should always try to purchase two so that you have sufficient time to wash one while you wear the other.

3. Water Carrier

While running long distances, there is no question that you will need water, and everyone is not lucky enough to have a running track right by his/her house. In this case you need to have a water carrier that you can take along with you without its weight becoming a hindrance in your performance.

Sports stores offer bottles attached to gloves for runners and you should not miss out on getting one of those.

4. Sports Watch

After a few weeks of running you will automatically find the need to time yourself and see how much you end up improving. These times make equipment like sports watches very important.

Significantly so, these watches are very resilient when it comes to falls and damage, so you can run without worry.

5. Ice Pack

An ice pack is the best way to treat minor injuries temporarily, and you should have one wrapped up in your running backpack in the case of any emergency, because there is no guarantee that you will have a running partner with you.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon