Discover the Magic of Rich Handwoven Silk Salwar Suits From the Land of Andhra at Unnati

Unnati Silks has once again brought in a new range of Uppada Silk fabrics. This time round it has wonderful offerings in handloom silk that are fairly captivating.
What are the highlights of the salwar suits?
– Lovely contrasts in light and dark hues, i.e. if the salwar be dark the kameez would be bright and vice versa. This accentuates the look enormously and makes the wearer the focus of attention.
– The choice of colours are typically vibrant with colors like bright yellow, orange, red mostly being taken up. If a light brilliant shade is chosen, the contrast tends to be a dark and deep shade.
– The kameez is indeed a designer affair with eye-catching weaving work in the lower portion towards the border, of fauna presented in exotic fashion.
– In addition the popular temple border design is very much enticing and promimently visible on the kameez.
– The salwar is more or less a plain affair, contributing to the allure through the contrast and choice of color.
– The dupatta is also very simple and plain, relying on the color lining borders along with a zari lining border as well as its matching.color with that of the salwar. The tassels at both its ends make for a pretty picture.
– The salwar suit is an unstitched affair for the customer to have it stitched to fit.
– With Both the Handloom Mark and the Silk Mark it is backed for the authenticity of the product.
– Airy and very comfortable, it should look classy when completed and donned.
The Uppada tradition
Pristine offerings that captivate, Uppada, a non-descript fishing village in Andhra Pradesh, is home to extraordinary silken fabrics. The Uppada magic produces extraordinary weaves that have never failed to amaze- a tribute to the ethnic skills and traditional craftsmanship of a devoted community that continues to keep a marvellous tradition, an Indian heritage, alive.

The Uppada Silks specialty
Uppada silks are pure ‘pattu’ silks characterized by intricate geometrical and floral designs and skirted by sometimes exquisite embroidery. There is tendency to employ the Jamdhani weaving art, the extremely popular Uppada silk fabrics, light in weight despite the zari finery, with eye-catching motifs like peacock, mango bootis, flowers etc. and tantalizing borders the woven wonders are a feast for the eyes. Be it embroidery or enchanting prints, the borders contribute to the mesmerizing effect of the overall attire. Heightening effects are created by the designer complements.
Bridal attire, wedding wear, parties, festivals, traditional functions and a lot other exclusive occasions are opportunities for showcasing the Uppada brilliance.
Unnati Silks, in handlooms since 1980, has always been impressed by the native intelligence and imaginative outcomes of Uppada handloom fabrics. This new range vindicates its continued faith in what has always been a fine tradition of Indian ethnic.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon