Choose a Metaphor For Your Relationship – Support Your Wedding Vows in Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

What do you want from the metaphor that you choose to represent your relationship in your wedding ceremony?

  • You want people to better understand how and why you love one another.
  • You want people to grasp how you would like your marriage to grow.

Finding an image to represent your love will help your love settle into your souls just a bit deeper. There’s something magical about the way we understand things: when we have an image to connect an emotion to, we reinforce the emotion. So you want to choose an image to use at your wedding ceremony that after the wedding will allow you to continually remember how you felt on the day that you married. A silly little metaphor can do that, so choose a good one.

  • Most importantly, the image you chose as a metaphor should support the wedding vows you are making.

You don’t need the metaphor to appear in the vows. You do want the image to help everyone understand why you are offering those specific promises. You do want it to appear in close proximity to your wedding vows.

Write your wedding vows from your strengths, values and talents. Allow your vows to shore up those areas of your relationship that are not perhaps innately your best talents. Then let your metaphor help everyone envision the work you are undertaking. Your metaphor will serve as a talisman throughout the years to remind you of the work you are doing — and the joy you have in making these commitments.

The stronger the identification you make with a metaphor, the more frequently the image appears in your life, the more support it will offer your marriage. It will also remind your community of their promise to support you and your marriage whenever the image pops up in their life. A picture, even a word picture can do so much. Your wedding image can sustain your marriage for many years to come. Choose wisely!

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon