Brazilian Bras and Panties

Lately everything related to Brazil is sexy and cool. Among those things are Brazilian jeans and bikinis which for sometime have been very popular in US. The Brazilian lingerie is no exception to this rule, whereas it is not yet very popular in US, in Brazil it’s one of the best arsenals for Brazilian women to look sexy and accentuate their curves.

The Brazilian panties for example are characterized for being a middle ground between a g-string and the American bikini panty. In other words it is a low rise panty that is not as revealing as a g-string and does provide minimal coverage. The advantage is that it makes you look sexy while having maximum comfort. This cut also helps to make the butt look a little more lifted and with a better shape, it is very similar to the famous Brazilian bikini cut. The Brazilian sizes are similar to the American sizes. Eg x-small, small, medium, large and extra large. The difference is that the small Brazilian size may not be comparable to the same small standard size in US for example.

The Brazilian bras are very similar to the American bras in the sense that you will find push-ups, full coverage, multi-ways, etc. Of course the designs do change, also the colors, and shapes of the stamps. The design with the combination of certain colors bring the Brazilian sex appeal to the pieces. The Brazilian bra sizes are not measured in cup sizes like the American which for some people can be frustrating. They are specified in a number size from 38, 40, 42, up to 58. However, that is really not a problem because most sites have either a conversion tool or will teach you how to do it. And, if they do not offer that try and look for another website!

There are several Websites on the internet that sell Brazilian lingerie. When you buy make sure that the website provides nice pictures, a clear return policy in case you are not satisfied, and a detailed description of the product. It is very important to know the material of the pieces; being microfiber, cotton, satin, etc; and if the product comes with any accessory. Also it is a plus if they provide a guide of how to find out your Brazilian size or a conversion tool. Finally Make sure if you like the website to subscribe to a newsletter to receive promotions and coupons.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon