Bodystockings – Ideal Winter Warmers

Now that winter is well and truly upon us, the temptation is to bring out the woolly clothing and cover up. However, there is no reason to abandon fashionable clothes in favour of practical ones if you take the appropriate steps with your foundation garments.

If you’ve never worn a bodystocking before, then maybe now is the time to try one. Bodystockings come in many styles, but a large number of them are of a more practical style than the erotic ones which bodystockings are more commonly associated with.

Opaque bodystockings are the ideal winter warmer. They come in medium to thick denier and are usually available in black or nude. The most appropriate ones come with long sleeves, and some even have a turtleneck collar to provide maximum body coverage.

With a bodystocking, you can continue to wear your mini skirts and cotton dresses without having to worry about matching them with the heavier accessories that you may otherwise need to keep warm.

And it’s not just normal everyday wear that bodystockings can be used for when the weather is cold. They can be the ideal body warmer for outdoor activities where it is important to stay warm as well as maintain good body movement and flexibility. Golf is a prime example where a bodystocking can give you an advantage over your competitors. Another place where bodystockings can be ideally utilised is in church halls or theatres where dance or similar activities are performed, usually for rehearsals on cold evenings.

A more fashionable style of bodystocking that also fulfils the warmer role is the fishnet bodystocking. The size of the diamonds can vary between very small and large, and the style works in the same way as string vests used to, whereby the diamonds hold warm pockets of air that are kept in place by whatever garment is worn over the bodystocking.

So, there is quite a lot of choice what is available. Bodystockings are not easily found on the high street, but there are numerous online stores that can be perused for the best selections and deals.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon