Apple Bottom Clothing – Designer Fashion For Curvy Women

Hip hop clothing brands are nothing new, few however have had the innovation and trendsetting ability found in Apple Bottom Clothing. Officially named Apple Bottoms, the clothing and lifestyle line for women was started in 2003, by St. Louis based rap artist, Nelly alongside friend Ian Kelly and cousin, Yomi Martin.

Kelly, Martin and the multi-platinum Nelly had already proven their ability to recognize hip, fresh designs with the earlier launch of Vokal, a menswear line. Vokal, had originally been created in the late 90s while Nelly was still an independent rap artist. As his career rose, the brands prominence rose and gave Nelly the opportunity to create the apple bottom clothing line strictly for women.

Though Nelly is not a fashion designer himself, he works closely with his team of designers to oversee each design. He has also stated that when it comes to the apple bottom jean he considers what he likes to see a woman wearing when he makes his input. Nelly’s creative vision ensures each product gives women the right fit; meets the overall vision of Apple Bottoms and most importantly makes a woman feel beautiful.

From the beginning, apple bottom clothing was designed to provide urban appeal. The first product released by the line was the apple bottom jean and other denim wear. With the help of an Apple Bottoms Girl model search across the United States and even televised on VH1, the clothing line just for women was even able to capture the attention of men everywhere.

The vision behind apple bottom clothing has always been to celebrate the curves of women. Instead of women working to fit into jeans, Apple Bottoms are designed for women with curvier rears and more ample hips and thighs. Jeans are sassy with the sexy detailing thanks to studs, rhinestones and beads. The addition of lycra material in the denim wear, causes the apple bottom jean to cup and shape a woman’s rear; giving women a boost of confidence and sex appeal that the average jean just does not provide.

This visionary appeal has helped the brand resonate with natural women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The apple shaped pockets gave the brand a distinctive and signature look, setting it apart from the hundreds of other celebrity clothing lines that were on the market. Part of Apple Bottoms success also rides in its decision to make each piece of clothing affordable without sacrificing on quality.

In 2004, apple bottom clothing reached a new level of success when talk show host Oprah Winfrey wore them on her show. The brand was also featured on America’s Next Top Model cycle 10 and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Apple Bottoms mention in several prominent rap songs have helped further raise the brands profile. Ashanti, Vivica Fox, Fergie and Alicia Keys are just a few of the celebrities photographed wearing an apple bottom jean.

Of course, with so much success it wasn’t long before Apple Bottoms diversified with even more options for the urban lifestyle. Apple bottom clothing for young girls and plus size women was soon added. Handbags, jewelry, eyewear, scrubs, lingerie, shoes and even a signature fragrance were soon added to the line. The urban lifestyle line can be found in thousands of stores across the country and online.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon