A Fake Toy Watch

After my last piece about a Toy Watch, I have started to come around to the idea of owning one myself. My previous piece looked at what owning and wearing one actually meant in terms of a statement and the undertones of wealth and status they emitted. Admittedly, I’m not the most traditionally fashionable guy (but I do know my fashion) and generally do not follow fashion trends like the Toy Watch, but after researching them, I have actually grown to like them as an item of clothing and fashion accessory.

Anyway, I was flicking through a London newspaper on the way back from daily commute and noticed, partly with surprise, partly with knowing, some of the major UK retailers are stocking a fake looking Toy Watch, and more specifically the Toy Watch Fluo going up against major Toy Watch stockists!

The knowing inside me was the fact I knew these watches are still a fairly high priced watch for your average Joe, with a limited amount of disposable income or even somebody of the younger generation, who hasn’t the pocket money(!) to purchase a sparkling Toy Watch Fluo. As with most “in” brands in the fashion world, there are always cheaper alternatives, with Primark being a prime example; so I was not surprised to learn of a cheaper version of the these fashionable watches!

The surprise in me was the fact anybody would wear a cheaper version of a cheaper version – if that makes sense! In my last piece, I explained, that Toy Watch are a fairly low-cost version of a Rolex and Swatch, using similar designs, mechanisms, but cut corners in some areas to reduce the price. Now I know they are still priced at over £100, which is enough to make a cheaper version, but as a spiritualist and someone who is (supposedly!) against consumerism, buying a cheap version of a these upmarket watches is fairly ludicrous – there is something wrong with our society if this is what we have come to! Besides, they are only half the price, why not pay that little bit extra!!

Toy Watch are so good because they are a well engineered watch, but are cheaper. Buying a cheap version of that pretty much defeats the object of having a one in the first place.

However, this brings me nicely full circle to some points I made in my last article – the beauty of Toy Watch, is they are well made and durable, but the media and the fashion industry has made them in to a symbol of fashion status, so all that matters is what it looks like, and what you as a person looks like.

Personally, I think save up a little more and get the real thing, because not only will you look the part, but you will feel the part too.

Author: Jacqueline Louise Gagnon